from by Ferals



Brother I love you for sure
reading nights in Nevermore
Brother it's hard to distort
why we parted

Cabin days, those trees were tall
little boy in overalls
shallow lake, our cattle call
Whitebear reserve

Sister up in that bunk bed
playing games the faeries led
Tried to listen when you said
care less live more

Animals up on the walls
science singing in the fall
She was smart above it all
see you next year

Family ties they might
seem rough
but what you got
well it makes sense
genetic pattern blood
heredity is never
doomed to chance

Mother I miss you, I know
little life's a domino
Mother you gave me a home
picture perfect

Kitchen ringing stomachs melt
everyone wants what you felt
artistic ways through years of hell
Saint Suburban

Father oh where have you gone
perhaps LA or Kazakhstan
full of drive that I have won
world's our oyster

What a rebel that you spell
distinguished and all the while
in my heart that you did spoil
freckled phantom

Brother I paved the road you tread
but you went further in the end
I am proud of what you did
Infinite kinship


from Wildchild, released October 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Ferals Vancouver, British Columbia

Cool cats making music.

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